Our Story

Naijaphones.com.ng was founded in 2020 by a friendship that have lasted over a decade between two good friends - Imre & Odetola. 

The idea of starting naijaphones.com.ng came into existence when Imre wanted to buy a new, quality mobile phone without breaking the bank. So, instead of buying a new mobile phone, he opted for a used iPhone 7 and was surprised to find it in good, pristine condition just like a new phone. 

This discovery ignited a new business idea and made him wonder why people spend huge amounts of money to buy a new phone when they can buy an inexpensive, used mobile phone with the same quality of a new phone at an affordable price. 

With this discovery, he thought there might be hundreds, if not thousands of people out there, just like himself who would cherish the idea of buying used mobile phones that are very affordable, yet possess the same qualities of a new phone. This led to the birth of naijaphones.com.ng

Why We Choose Africa

Africa is a continent with a lot of prospects for economic growth and Imre has always dreamt of starting a business in Africa but never took the challenge seriously because he never had a strong conviction in the products delivering value to the customers he wanted to serve in Africa, until now. He firmly believes in entrepreneurs having confidence that the product you want to sell must provide value to customers.

Through naijaphones.com.ng, he and his partner, Odetola hopes to build trust in shoppers who are buying used mobile phones online and establish a formidable brand presence by delivering quality used mobile phones at an affordable price backed by a 12 months warranty and 30 days money back guarantee while providing seamless shopping experience for customers.

We believe that people should not pay too much to own a quality mobile phone, especially when they can get affordable, used mobile phones in good, pristine condition like new ones. That's why we started Naijaphones.com.ng

NaijaPhones is also a marketplace where reliable and carefully selected sellers that have been vetted by our quality control team can sell their phones. Customers won’t have to deal with warranty issues with a sellers, as they will deal with us directly.

We have Grade A+ phones, recertified and tested phones. 

Also, all our phones are shipped from Europe, Finland. We have an office for accepting returns, taking care of warranty issues and customer care/repair service center in Lagos.  And we will decide ourselves whether to send back or repair your faulty mobile phones locally, but be rest assured that in case your phone develops a factory fault within the warranty period. You, as our customer can get a replacement or refund depending on the type of fault the phone has.